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Hearing and Your Health

Hearing loss doesn’t only affect your ability to hear, it also affects your speech understanding and how your brain processes sounds and information. When you can’t hear, your brain stops recognizing certain sounds and eventually forgets about those sounds. This can lead to cognitive decline and can affect your memory. When your brain stops processing sounds you also lose some of your speech comprehension, making it more difficult for you to not only hear what people are saying, but to understand them as well.

Treating Hearing Loss

The longer you wait to have your hearing tested and to treat your hearing loss with hearing aids, then the harder it will be to restore your speech comprehension and to retrain your brain to hearing those sounds again.

It is important to treat your hearing loss immediately with hearing aids so you can adjust easier and hear your best. Although hearing aids are technologically advanced enough to help patients with severe hearing loss, they cannot restore your hearing back to normal. Hearing aids take time to get use to them and to adjust to hearing sounds again. Similar to physical therapy, it takes time to reach your full hearing potential and amplification. It is important to remain patient and to treat your hearing loss as soon as possible, so the adjustment period will be shorter and you can hear your best quicker.

Getting Your Hearing Tested

Hearing test at Northeast Alabama Audiology

At Northeast Alabama Audiology, we are a no-pressure practice. We encourage everyone to come in for a baseline test of their hearing just to ensure you are healthy and hearing your best. We never pressure you to buy hearing aids, we just want you to know where your hearing is at.

If you or a loved one suspects that you have hearing loss, you should come in to have your hearing tested. If you think you are having a problem hearing or can’t understand people as well as you once could, you should also come in. Some other signs you may have hearing loss include:

  • You have to turn the TV volume up louder than you use to
  • You frequently ask people to repeat themselves
  • Your friends and family tell you that you say, “huh” a lot
  • You experience a ringing sound in your ears
  • You can hear someone talking but you can’t understand what they are saying
  • You feel dizzy
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